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Nico's Beloit

Hometown:  St. Paul, Minn.Nico S

Major/minor: Health and Society/philosophy

What he’s been involved with when he’s not in class: Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Voces Latinas, Black Students United, Martial Arts Club, cage fighting in the city of Beloit

How Beloit students play hard: When I visited, I saw Beloit was very strong academically but that the attitude of the students was really down to earth. I could tell it had a good balance of social life and academics.

How Nico studies (really!) hard: I did the McNair Scholars program this summer. The eight weeks were just exhausting: research every day, all day. But at the end it felt so good to be done with the 30-page paper. It just showed me that academic research is a lot of work, but you just keep going.

What he immersed himself in: My project was on how the healthcare system presents options for end-of-life care. I thought it was so interesting how completely different viewpoints of death could exist in the same healthcare system. So many factors go into how people choose their care for end-of-life.

How his work might go international (and use his three years of Chinese classes): There’s a study abroad program in China on traditional Chinese medicine. One of the biggest factors that I found in my McNair project was the presence of medical technology. I thought it would be pretty cool to explore a method of healing that didn’t include those technologies and explore how it would approach handling death and dying.

Nico SWhy graduate school is in his future: I want to get a Ph.D. in something like global and public health, and I also want to get a degree in holistic medicine. I’m interested in promoting health rather than curing disease.

How you can make Beloit your own: Beloit’s not just a place, it’s a resource. At Beloit, you’re a co-creator of your educating, and, most importantly, of the institution itself. That’s one of the first things I saw immediately at Beloit. I knew I didn’t want to go to a school that had one identity, where you just go through the institution and come out a product of it. I wanted a place where I could really make it what I wanted to. 

Why cage fighting isn’t just about fighting:  If I can be respectful of someone who just beat me up in a cage in front of everybody, then I can be respectful of others somewhere else. I’m really into the spirit of competition and being able to do something that extreme and balance it out with friendliness and respect.