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Mira's Beloit

Hometown:  Philadelphia, Pa.

Major:  Theatre Arts (Directing)

MiraWhat she participates in on campus:  The dance and theatre departments; producing modern ballets with Marilu Wiesner’14 (MODNUT and Cinder Ella); Interfaith House; anything involving choreography or dance shows; and Beloit Independent Theatre Experience (BITE).

How she jumped into dance right away:  "Basically, the minute I got to Beloit, I got involved. I've participated in every dance show that there's been since I got here - over a dozen pieces both by myself and in some collaborations."

Why she came to Beloit:  I knew Beloit was strong in dance and creative writing. I was planning on pursuing both. It was also important to get off the East Coast and live in a different culture. Beloit was weird enough, but still strong in academics.

How she utilizes a broad education to inform her creativity:  My pieces have really evolved since I first got here. If you look at the dances I made when I was 18, you’ll see my progression and education. I have always been a feminist, which you’ll see in my Chelonia piece (“Seven Minutes in Heaven”) because I’m dealing with gender and utilize lewd gestures. I’m able to package this in a graceful way because I’ve taken classes in subjects like gender studies, sociology, biology, etc. I do a lot of research for my works, which makes it successful—when it is successful. It’s definitely more perspiration than inspiration (literally).

How she gets involved off campus:  Being in Philly in general influences my creativity. There are a lot of highly subsidized classes I get to take. You can put a couple dollars in a hat and take a class. I try to see a show at least once a week when I’m in Philly. I also work with a nonprofit, Girls Rock Philly. It’s liberal feminism in practice—taking what you learn in a gender studies class and applying it to little girls.

On her top Beloit moments:  It would have to be a tie between getting selected for the American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA), Chelonia, and the moment I saw the little kids get on stage in MODNUT. I got really emotional because I realized (that) I was the facilitator of that experience.

On getting picked to represent Beloit at ACDFA:  I’m beyond thrilled. It’s a goal I’ve had since I first learned that Beloit was in the association. The fact that people take you seriously in an art form—it’s the best you can do. I’ll be able to show my work to other institutions and see how people who don’t know me personally view my work. Getting objective criticism is great. Read more about Mira’s work here.