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Miranda's Beloit

[Miranda J]Hometown: Plainfield, Ill. 

Major: Psychology and anthropology double major

On meeting a professor who changed the way she sees the world: I really connected with (Assistant Professor of Anthropology) Lisa Anderson-Levy. I had class (ANTH 100: Society and Culture) with her last spring, and I really liked how real she was. She really helped open my eyes and helped me question my beliefs. Now she’s my major advisor for anthropology. She’s offered me a lot of advice and direction, and she helped me finish an application on a short deadline, which I really appreciated.

How she worked with John Kaufmann to turn a narrator into a full-fledged character: I was the narrator in Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh. Reading the script and working with John made me realize that the narrator was more than a narrator. She was a person. We developed this character. I started thinking, “How does she hold herself?,” “What is she doing when she’s not narrating, or, is she always narrating?” John pushed me to create this character. I love working with John. He has this way of not telling you the vision he has. He likes to see how you interpret his direction, which is a really interesting way to direct people. He gives direction, if you’re someone who likes that, but he also gives actors leeway.

On joining the theatre scene at Beloit outside of the department, too: BITE is the Beloit Independent Theatre Experience. It’s a student theatre group on campus−it’s a baby. They started meeting in the fall of 2011 and gained full status in May of 2012. I was the president of my theatre club in high school. I’m not a theatre major now, and I haven’t taken a theatre class, but I wanted to stick with it because it’s a passion of mine. BITE needed a student government rep, and I said I would go. I was really drawn into the club. I stuck with it, and I’m still really involved in it.

What she’s done since joining BITE: I directed a one-act play last spring, and I’m working on a musical right now.  It’s called Group; I am co-directing and co-writing it with Emily Wells and Mike Kreiser. There’s not been musical theatre at Beloit for a few years now, and we’re not okay with that. So I was like, “Why don't we do something about that?” We wrote the script, and the music is all from other [Miranda J]shows. We found out who was interested, and then we wrote the script to fit with what we had. The script was retroactive.

Why she works in the costume shop, too: I’m a kinesthetic learner, so it’s a great job for me. I get to go into work and make things, and then I get to go to the shows and see them on people.

How joining Kappa Delta impacted her Beloit experience: It’s given me a friend group, but it’s more than that. With Kappa Delta, there’s always someone there for me. There are 72 members, so that’s 71 people who are always there for me. There are always Kappa Deltas somewhere. If I want to go to the library or gym, I can send out a message and somebody will respond, “I’ll go with you!” or “I’m already here!” If there are Kappa Deltas in my classes, then we can study together. I love that I have people who I can depend on and people who I know will be there for me and people who are genuinely interested in what I’m doing. We do philanthropy and community service and have a chapter, but those things are so small compared to the friendships I’ve developed.