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Krista Barry
Krista Barry'15
Anthropology and Art History
Macabre plus Roller Derby
Inclusive and Helpful
No Boring Students
After starting her college career at Columbia College in Chicago studying graphic design, Krista realized her real passion was aligned with art history. Her particular interest being the study of the cultural implications of art, which lead her to major in anthropology and minor in art history. As part of her studies in anthropology, Krista recently enrolled in the Public Archeology field course in which she studied the petroglyphs along the Petroplyph Trail (seen below) in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Petroglyphs in the Virgin Islands
Krista has been active in roller derby for 3 years. Upon joining and brainstorming her nickname, she settled on
Krash Macabre
combining her interest in the macabre genre of literature with the roller derby experience.
As a transfer student, Krista was surprised at how inclusive and helpful the faculty are to students. She particularly credits Shannon Fie as someone who helped her early on.

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