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Beloit College

Grant Winners

Funding for these awards comes from gifts from donors, including Betty Chenoweth'55, and from the Weissberg Foundation.

Read student field blogs by clicking on projects below:

International Project Grant Winners, Winter 2012-13

Megan Slavish'14 (health and society) attended the American Public Health Association Conference in San Francisco to advance her understanding of health as a human right.  See her report on the conference here

Kun "Cleo" Zhang'13 (international relations, math) will conduct an internship in New York with Asia Catalyst, which works with grassroots groups from marginalized communities in East and Southeast Asia that promote the right to health. 

International Project Grant Winners, Summer 2012

Claire Alrich'13 (dance and english rhetoric) will be studying the Art of Communication: An Exploration of the Communicative Power of Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Read Claire's field blog here.

Maren Banda'15 (international political economy and modern languages) will be examining education in Guatemalan orphanages, as part of a comparative study on the Differences, Culturally, Academically and Socially Between Orphanages in Guatemala and China.  Read Maren's blog here.

Joanne Cho'14 (international relations) will be carrying out two internships in Mozambique, focusing on housing and women's rights.

Jane Choi'14 (anthropology) will be conducting an internship on integration of migrants and refugees into South African society at Scalabrini Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.  Read Jane's field blog here.

Sara DeLong'15 (studio art and health and society) will be conducting a community-based art project in Ghana, West Africa, based at an orphanage.

Diana Gutierrez'13 (health and society) will be exploring the public health system of the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza.

Nofiya Denbaum'13 (spanish and education and youth studies) will be teaching English in an elementary summer school in Ecuador.

Samantha Holte'14 (international relations) will be studying rural sustainable development in Jilimbí, Ecuador.

Dongping "Sunny" Jing'15 (international relations) will be conducting a study of the orphaned children protection system in China, based in Tianjin City, as part of a comparative study between orphanages in China and Guatemala. Read Sunny's blog here.

Anthony Otey'13 (comparative literatures) will be continuing his study abroad focus on urban space as represented in French literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and manifestations in contemporary society in Paris, France.

Kate Parsons'13 (education and youth studies) will be studying education for self-reliance at RAIDA High School, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Krista Robbins'14 (psychology and anthropology of religion) will be conducting a study on understanding the Japanese custom of Mizuko Kuyo, a mourning ritual for aborted fetuses, Kyoto, Japan.

Natalie Ross'14 (art history and modern languages) will be examining the market for emerging local artists in Seoul, Korea. 

Emily Verburg'12 (international relations) will be a US delegate on the Global Youth Connect Human Rights Delegation to Rwanda, where she will gather with Rwandan students to explore post-genocide reconciliation.

Leigh Wasson'12 (economics and management) will be working to organize the second annual TEDxUbud lecture series, providing a forum for new and innovative approaches to social issues, in Bali, Indonesia.  

International Project Grant Winners, Winter 2011/12

Joanna Albertson-Grove’13 (political science) is studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary in fall 2011 and will remain there over winter break to conduct research on the human rights implications of parliamentary elections in Hungary and to make comparisons with the 2010 United States election.

Jamie Eversage’12 (psychology) studied abroad in New Zealand in spring 2011 and will return to undertake a comparative study on Green Living: Environmentalism in America and New Zealand.  She will study recycling and eco-labeling, as well as conduct interviews with environmental activists in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jennifer Gilbertson’12 (chemistry & French) will travel to Senegal to study pre-natal and maternal health by observing a mid-wife and participating in public health activities in a rural community.

Ted Liu’13 (anthropology and economics & management) will follow up on his study of New York’s Chinatown with a study of consumption behavior in Chinese grocery stores in San Francisco. He will set out to answer the question: which dimension of factors, economic or cultural, plays a more important role in propelling people to determine people’s purchasing choices?

Sofia Noorani’12 (economics & management) will return to Thailand, where she studied abroad in spring 2011, to work with local organizations to disseminate information about the environmental and health effects of copper mining in the impoverished Isaan region.