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Ted Liu'13 (anthropology, economics & management)

Ted Liu China Town “How do Chinese Immigrants View Chinatown as an Ethnic Neighborhood?  A Month in Chinatown, NYC”

Location: New York City

Teng conducted an ethnographic study of a Buddhist temple in New York City’s Chinatown, which provided him with a window into the Chinese immigrant experience.  An international student from China himself, Ted was nonetheless a newcomer to Buddhist religion and to its importance in the life of a community.  He observed that those immigrants who found themselves unable to integrate and “caught” between the US and China, turned to their religion to ease their suffering and to seek guidance in their daily affairs.  Teng remarked that this project greatly improved his ethnographic skills and motivated him to continue to research the cultural and economic dynamics of the Chinese immigrant experience.

Teng presented his findings at the 2010 International Symposium at Beloit College.

Buddhist Temple NYC