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Parker Gassett'11 (ecology, evolution, and behavioral biology)

“The Unseen World of the Galapagos: Under Water Photography and Marine Conservation during the 2010 El Niño Event”

Location: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

[Parker Gassett Galapagos Seal]Parker spent the spring semester studying ecology and evolution on the Galápagos Islands through Beloit College's exchange with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.  He acquired training in underwater photography and joined a local faculty member in documenting the underwater ecosystem during a warming trend caused by the El Niño [Parker Gassett Galapagos Shark]event in the Pacific Ocean.  Parker gave presentations to several elementary schools using his photographs to enhance the environmental education of young people on the islands.  Upon return to Beloit College, he gave a presentation to the International Symposium on the importance of ocean conservation and also used his photographs to promote the Galápagos study program.[Parker Gassett Galapagos Fish]