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Marissa Hutton'12

“Corsican Music Ethnography Intensive Workshop”

Location: Corsica, France 

Marissa participated in a group called Village Harmony, a Vermont based nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of world music. She, along with 25 others from 4 different countries, traveled the island of Corsica singing music from all over the world, performing and studying in particular native Corsican music. It was through this process of traveling to various communities in Corsica that her knowledge of Corsican music, apparently rich in its own right, developed: “The uniform experience however, was the people. Not only were they impressed with our rendering of the Corsican sacred music and the paghjellas, but they were also thankful that we cared and respected the music and the culture. Most times we were treated by the community to a meal and an after party in the confréries (friary), similar to a parish house, or in outdoor courtyards. There, with a glass of wine in hand, or a piece of local cheese in mouth huddled in a corner, the paghjellas were truly performed.” Marissa now has an appreciation for the art that is Corsican music and plans on representing it in the future so that it does not fade away: “Through these experiences and in my day to day interaction with and immersion in Corsican culture I [have] cultivated a passionate yearning to do my part in sharing the electric beauty of the culture and the people.” 

Marissa Hutton Corsica