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Ellery Hamman'12 (Chinese)

"Internship with Human Rights in China"

Location: Hong Kong

Ellery in Tienamen SquareEllery worked for Human Rights in China (HRIC), a non-profit, international organization started by Chinese students and scholars after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, at their Hong Kong branch. His duties included reading articles in Chinese and English, sorting out those that dealt with human rights issues, translation work, office activities, and staff meetings, all of which contributed to his understanding of what it means to work full-time for a human rights NGO and the importance of such organizations: “I read and thus learned an in depth amount about the current situation of human rights in China today and in the past as well. The work of HRIC is incredibly important as activists in China are being prosecuted in China every day and need support. I also believe the educational component of HRIC’s work to be vital.”