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Anna Blankschien'10 (education & youth studies)

“Improving the Teaching of Indigenous Cultures: A Case Study”

Location: New Zealand

Anna Blankschien teachingAnna completed her honor’s thesis comparing the approaches and ideologies about teaching indigenous cultures in primary schools and followed up on this paper with research conducted in New Zealand while student teaching.  During her student teaching she investigated how the education system in New Zealand teaches the culture of the indigenous Maori people. She concluded that despite the great strides that New Zealand has made to preserve Maori culture and teach about this civilization in all classrooms, it is still often neglected, especially in affluent areas and/or where few Maori students are enrolled. Anna’s research made her “more aware of the importance of teaching not only about indigenous cultures but also about other minorities and subgroups present in society.” Upon completion of her grant, Anna made a lesson plan for future use in the United States.

Anna Blankschien Grant photo