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Fast Facts

How do I choose a program? Students at Beloit College work with advisors to select the program that is most appropriate for their studies, interests, and prior experience. They begin their search for the right program by consulting a list of recommended off-campus study options.

Am I restricted to a particular program? You might be if you are studying a particular language, as Beloit College has developed a number of exchange programs for modern language students. Most importantly, your program choice needs to make sense for your studies and preparation. You will make your argument about your program choice when you apply to study off campus.

Will I study off-campus with other Beloit students? Maybe. While some of Beloit College’s exchange programs as well as the Estonia/Morocco program enroll small groups of students, the average number of Beloit College students in any one location is from 2 to 3.

Find information about study abroad and domestic programs at the Off-Campus Studies Fair in September.

Where will the other students on my study abroad program come from? Depending on the study abroad option that most suits your interests and preparation, you may study abroad with American students on a program focused on a particular theme, or may enroll directly in a university abroad, either taking courses with local students or enrolling in a program designed for international students, if language differences make it impossible to study with local students. Currently, about 75% of Beloit College students enroll directly in a university when they study abroad, with the remaining 25% enrolling in programs designed for American students.

What kind of credit will I receive? Students studying off campus during the academic year receive Beloit College credit.

When should I study off-campus? That depends on you. Most students study off-campus during the junior year. However, foreign language students sometimes study off-campus the second semester of the sophomore year, while other students study abroad in their senior year, including during their last semester.

How can I afford to study off-campus? Off-campus study can cost more than remaining on campus, because of differences in cost of living, airfares for study abroad, and so on. However, financial aid, including Beloit College scholarships, does apply to off-campus study undertaken during the academic year. As well, student loans can be adjusted to cover additional expenses, and depending on their program choice and financial status, some students may be eligible for additional scholarship aid from their program and/or Beloit College’s Stone and Schroeder travel scholarships for study abroad. Bottom line: financial concerns should not prevent a student from studying off campus.

What is involved in applying to study off campus? Students who apply to study off campus are asked to identify a set of learning goals and to write essays making the case for their choice of program and its fit with their studies and experiences. They receive help in crafting their applications from staff in the Office of International Education as well as academic advisors, and also can turn to tutors in the Writing Center for assistance. Once approved to study off-campus, they most likely will need to submit a second application to the university or program.

Who decides if I can study off campus? All off campus study during the academic year is approved by a faculty selection committee. In the case of study abroad, each student is interviewed by a committee member in addition to submitting a written application.

Can I take a vacation term to study off campus? You can if you want to study off campus in the United States. However, in this case Beloit College financial aid cannot apply to the costs of the program and you will receive transfer credit, not Beloit College credit. It is not possible to transfer credit for study abroad undertaken during a vacation term.

How will I prepare for off campus study? Students who study off campus prepare by taking courses, engaging in experiential learning activities, and conducting research to help them develop an imagination for their semester. The application process also helps students with their planning and preparation, as do conversations with advisors, former study abroad students, and others.

Can I study off campus more than once? About 10% of off-campus study involves two semesters of study, either at the same institution, or on two different programs. Some students study abroad in two different countries, while other students combine a domestic program with a study abroad program. Beloit College’s first priority is to allow as many students to study off campus for one semester as possible. However, it has often been possible to allow some students to study off campus for two semesters.

Can I study abroad during the summer? Yes. Study abroad in the summer functions the same as other summer study, and is awarded transfer credit. Summer study abroad does not need to be approved by a faculty committee, and students apply directly to the program, rather than applying first to Beloit College for permission.