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Digital Stories About Study Abroad

Making a digital story, or a "photo film," out of your photographs and experiences can be an enriching way to process your study abroad.  In sorting through your many photos, reflecting on lessons, struggles, triumphs and confusion, a story begins to take shape.  Getting to the core meaning of those stories helps you to make sense of your experiences and share their meaning with others.  Digital story telling is a process that facilitates that creation of meaning.

Students in IDST 201 form a safe creative community to unpack and explore the meaning and impact of their experiences abroad. The final result of the course is a screening of the films produced by the class.

Examples of Digital Stories:

The 63rd Day, by Liz Haan'11, CIEE Jordan program

Liz Haan Boy in Jordan


How to Make Tea, by Deborah Massey'11, Beloit Senegal Program and Beloit Russia Exchange

Deborah Massey Tea photo





Beyond Images: Biking in France, by Phillip Thomas'10, CIEE Rennes, France

Phillip Thomas Biking in France Photo 


Moscow: A Glimpse Behind the Facade, by Anna Bryan'10, Beloit Russia Exchange

Anna Bryan Film shot 


Celebrating 50 Years of Study Abroad at Beloit College, by the Office of International Education

Copula Logo 


Further examples can be found on our YouTube page


What students say about making films:

“My experience in Turkey was past-tense by the time I came home. Having images, a visual story to share with others, is key in keeping it alive, present, and ever-meaningful.”

- Alice Dworkin’09 (METU, Ankara, Turkey)

“I feel that sorting through my photos made it easier for me to digest what I felt, and to come up with a more concrete concept of what the trip meant to me.  It made it easier for me to draw my story out by looking through the pictures than by thinking back on some large moral that I thought I had learned. It wasn't until I looked at the photos that I realized that I was really trying to look into the crevices of French life.”       

                                                                        - Phillip Thomas’10 (CIEE, Rennes, France)