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Beloit College

Comparative Religion in Morocco

[Synagogue in Tangier]Study comparative religion in Morocco as preparation for life and work in a complex, hyper-pluralistic world.

Fall 2013 [Fez Mosque]


Taught by AMIDEAST Rabat faculty:

  • Modern Standard Arabic (.25 unit)
  • Moroccan Arabic (Darija) (.75 unit)
  • Contemporary Moroccan Culture (.75 unit)

Taught by Prof. Debra Majeed, Beloit College Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies:

  • RLST 200 Comparative Religion in Morocco (1 unit)
  • RLST 390:  Advanced Research Seminar (.50 unit) 

Housing:  Home stay with another student participant in AMIDEAST's study abroad program.  Housing placements will be made on the basis of students' Arabic proficiency.

Costs:  Beloit College tuition, room and board, plus $50 administrative fee.  Students are responsible for health insurance, personal expenses, and round trip travel U.S./Morocco.


  • Enrollment in Beloit College or another ACM institution (up to four non-Beloit students may participate in the program)
  • Sophomore standing or above
  • Successful completion of one or more religious studies courses
  • RLST 230B1, "Studying and Researching Religion in Morocco," a Spring 2013 modular course held at Beloit College OR permission of the program director, Prof. Debra Majeed

Preference will be given to applicants who have

  • completed a research methods courses, such as RLST 250
  • taken one or more semesters of Arabic or otherwise have some knowledge of Arabic
  • some knowledge of French

Program highlights

Based in Rabat, Morocco's political and administrative capital, students in this program will take classes in the AMIDEAST Rabat center, conduct an independent project, and travel to other locations in Morocco, such as Casablanca and Fez, to explore the complexity of religious life and practice in a Muslim majority country that is also inhabited by a minority of Jews and Christians.


Beloit College credit will be awarded for all coursework successfully completed in the program and American-style grades awarded.  Beloit students only:  courses, credits, and grades will appear on the transcript, but only grades for courses taught by the Beloit College Program Director will used to calculated students' grade point averages.  1 unit of coursework = 4 semester hour credits.

[Anglican Church, Tangier]