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Photos of Kaifeng

Kaifeng, location of Henan University

photos courtesy of Daniel Youd


[Off-Campus Study - AVE Liberal Arts] 

Avenue of Liberal Arts, Henan University


[Off-Campus Study - Original Gate] 

One of the main academic buildings on the original campus of Henan University.


[Off-Campus Study - Buddhist Monastery] 

Buddhist monastery, near the city center


[Off-Campus Study - Walk to Iron Pagoda] 

One of the avenues on the University campus. The Iron Pagoda stands just beyond one of the university gates.


[Off-Campus Study - Booksellers' Street] 

Booksellers street. Later in the day, the street becomes one of the locations of Kaifeng's main night market (photo at right).


[Off-Campus Study - Night Market] 

photo by Aaron DeCosta



[Off-Campus Study - Main Intersection] [Off-Campus Study - Vehicles][Off-Campus Study - Recyclers]

Top to bottom: Main intersection of Kaifeng, vendors vehicles, recyclers near one of the city's pagodas.