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Beloit College

Explore Your Options

There are hundreds of options. How do you find the one that's right for you?

Study abroad offers many opportunities for students to add new dimensions to their studies, develop intercultural knowledge and skills, and practice the liberal arts.  Options are available for every major and minor at Beloit College.

The dominant form of study abroad at Beloit College is enrollment in universities abroad on an exchange or visiting student basis for one or two semesters. These options fall into three categories: Beloit College partnerships with universities and organizations abroad, ISEP (a multilateral exchange program in which Beloit College participates), and universities affiliated with Beloit College.   From time to time, Beloit College faculty members also travel abroad with students for short-term study abroad.

In some countries, differences in academic systems make university enrollment difficult, and in these cases, provider programs (that is, programs designed for American study abroad students) are recommended. Depending on students' preparation and disciplinary interests, provider programs may also be the best option.  Thus, each year Beloit College permits up to 40 students to participate in study abroad provider programs.

Domestic off-campus study most often takes place through provider programs. 

We encourage you to begin your search by exploring the My Major Beyond Beloit pages.

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Get Help from the OIE:

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  •  Visit the Student Resource Room in the OIE to browse program materials and student evaluations. Use the computer to explore our online resources.
  • Meet one-on-one with an OIE advisor for help refining your goals and selecting a program. Call x2269 or email to set up an appointment.

My Major Beyond Beloit

These pages contain suggestions for off-campus study options appropriate for particular majors and minors at Beloit College. 

Search Programs in StudioAbroad

Search programs by country, region and title. StudioAbroad is the online application tool that students can use to request advising from the OIE, to complete an application and request recommendations. Please visit the "Apply" page before beginning an application!

Talk to Faculty Advisors

In addition to meeting with your academic advisor and an OIE advisor to discuss your study abroad options, you can also reach out to the faculty advisors of the particular off-campus study programs you are considering for more information and guidance.

[Map of Off-Campus Study 2009-2010]