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Apply for your program.

The off-campus study application process has two steps: you must get approval from the OIE before applying to a study abroad program or university abroad.


1) Submit a Study Abroad Plan to the OIE

Deadlines: November 3, 2014 (early decision) and February 2, 2015 (final)

NOTE: The application system will not accept applications for the Feb. 2 deadline until after Nov. 30th, 2014.


  • Instructions for StudioAbroad Application
  • StudioAbroad Application (Beloit user name and password)
  • Three recommendations (2 faculty, 1 peer), requested and submitted through StudioAbroad
  • An unofficial transcript from the Portal, submitted as a PDF via StudioAbroad or printed and brought to the OIE on the deadline
  • A 15-minute interview with a faculty member about your study abroad plan - sign up for a time slot when you turn in your transcript


2) After receiving approval from the OIE, apply directly to your host university (exchange and direct enrollment), ISEP, or program provider.

**NOTE: All secondary applications for Beloit exchange programs and ISEP go through the OIE**