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Off-Campus Study

Thinking about studying off-campus, but don't know where to start?

Here's a step-by-step guide:

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  1. Learn what others have done

  2. Understand the process

  3. Develop goals

  4. Get answers to frequently asked questions



  Explore image 5. Consult an OIE advisor

  6. Connect study abroad to your studies

  7. Review options




Plan image  8. Talk to an ambassador

  9. Calculate costs

  10. Review your aid package / Apply for scholarships

  11. Read program evaluations (available in the OIE)

  12. Learn more about your host country


Apply image


 13. Obtain Beloit College approval first

  Deadlines are Nov. 1 (early decision) and Feb. 1 (final)

 14.  Apply for admission to your host institution second

  Deadlines vary by university and program


Prepare image


  15. Complete the pre-departure checklist

  16. Attend the Orientation Conference

  17. Access helpful resources

  18.  Prepare for emergencies


Go image


  19. Engage with your host environment

  20. Navigate cultural adjustment

  21. Report any health or security incidents to the OIE

  22. Record, Reflect


Return image

  23. Complete the post-study abroad reflection / evaluation

  24.  Get credit

  25.  Process and share your experience

  26Support other Beloiters preparing for study abroad







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