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Airport Pickup

Airport Arrival

All international students should plan to arrive on campus in time to attend the orientation program:

Arrival Information

Please plan to arrive on Wednesday, January 14th

A Beloit College student will be at the International Terminal (Terminal 5) at the O’Hare International Airport to welcome you upon arrival.  (Unfortunately, we can not arrange for you to be met at other airports or to be met before or after January 14th.) 

Please send your flight arrival information to Shannon Jolly ( as soon as you book your flight.

Note:  Print the information below and carry it with you so that you will have it when you arrive in Chicago.

Arriving at the International Terminal. (Terminal 5)
Proceed through immigration, collect your baggage, and proceed through customs. Outside of customs, look for a student volunteer, near door 5E, holding a large sign that says “Beloit College.” 

The student volunteer will take you outside the terminal to the Van Galder/Coach USA bus stop.  You will be boarding a bus traveling to South Beloit, IL (the final destination of the bus will probably be Madison, WI). The bus fare is $28.  Stay on the bus until it reaches the bus stop at the McDonalds/BP Amoco Travel Plaza in South Beloit, IL. The bus may stop in Rockford, IL on the way to South Beloit.  From the International Terminal, the bus ride takes approximately 2 hours.

You will be met at the South Beloit bus stop by a Beloit College vehicle which will take you to the College, where you will check-in and move to your room.


  • if you do not see anyone with a Beloit College sign, exit the terminal using the doors to the right.  The Van Galder/Coach SA bus stop is located outside of Door 5E. When you go out Door 5E, the platform is to the right of the bus shelter.  A bus schedule is attached below so that you can see when the bus is scheduled to depart. There is usually a sign on the front of the bus that says "South Beloit, Janesville, Madison".
  • if a Beloit College vehicle does not meet you at the South Beloit bus stop, use a telephone at the bus stop to call the following number:  608-313-4035.  (This is Shannon's cell number.)

Arriving at a Domestic Flight Terminal. (Terminal #1, 2 or 3)
Proceed to the Baggage Area to collect your suitcases at the Lower Level. Make your way to The Bus/Shuttle Center (see attached image for the red signs that will help you get to the Bus/Shuttle Center. If you have a lot of luggage, We suggest you rent a luggage cart-this is not free but it will make your life a lot easier.  It will cost you $4 and you can either use cash or a credit card. From baggage claim, take the elevator down to "BL".  Follow the signs to the elevator center.  At the elevator center (it has many elevators) go up to "P1" to the Bus/Shuttle Center.   Again follow the red signs to the Center. You can go to the Ticket desk at the Center, buy your ticket and ask when the next bus will be arriving for South Beloit. The Van Galder/Coach USA bus stop is located outside of Door 4.

You will be met at the South Beloit bus stop by a Beloit College vehicle which will take you to the College, where you will check-in to your room.


Van Galder Bus Schedule -

Are you arriving after 10pm?

If you are scheduled to arrive or your flight has been delayed at O'Hare International Airport after 10:00 p.m., you probably will not have enough time to take the shuttle service to South Beloit on that same day, because the last Van Galder Bus leaves the Bus/Shuttle Center at 11:00 p.m. If you are unable to take the last shuttle bus, We suggest you take a hotel van or taxi to a nearby hotel to rest for the night.  Please note that if you are under the age of 21, hotel rooms cannot be booked by yourself.  Please contact Shannon in advance for assistance if you are under 21.

There are a variety of hotels located in/or near the airport. Reservations for hotels are recommended and can often be made online. Please contact Shannon for hotel suggestions.  If you stay at a hotel, please notify Shannon so that we can make arrangements for a shuttle between the Van Galder Bus station at South Beloit and the Beloit campus the next morning.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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