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International Students

Welcome to the Beloit College International Students webpage!

Beloit College first began enrolling international students in 1853 when George R. Hunt, a student from England became the first foreign-born student to attend Beloit College.   Between 1853 and 1898, at least one foreign-born student was enrolled every year at Beloit College.  Today, Beloit College upholds the creation of an international campus, in large part through the continued enrollment of international students. 

In recent years, international students, both degree-seeking and exchange, have comprised approximately 10% of the entire student population at Beloit College while hailing from roughly 40 distinct countries every academic year. 

Below and on the left side of this page one will find helpful links to resources for international students both degree-seeking and exchange:


General Information: 

Degree-seeking students

Exchange Students
(ISEP & Beloit exchanges)

Arriving in Beloit and Orientation


Immigration Information:

J-1 Students

F-1 Students

Visiting Scholars and Guest Lecturers


Academic Resource Links: 

Academic Calendar

Course schedule

Course catalog

Course selection guidelines

English as a Second Language (ESL)

International Student Handbook


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