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New Directions in International Education

Building Context, Connections and Knowledge

October 29-30, 2004

This conference gave faculty and administrators an opportunity to exchange ideas about new ways of extending and enhancing international education for our students. A science workshop, sponsored by Global Partners, framed this conference.

We invited papers and poster presentations from the humanities, social sciences and sciences, and interdisciplinary perspectives that address aspects of effective international education at home and abroad.

Discussion questions included: How do we create the context in which students learn about the world around them? How can we create connections between institutions and individuals to foster learning? Are new international education models necessary to meet the needs of our students, faculty and institutions, and to include students who do not normally engage in study abroad experiences? How does international education enrich the study of science and how science can enrich international education?

Some conference papers: (in PDF format for downloading)

Elizabeth Brewer: From Student Mobility to Internationalization at Home

David Burrows: World Citizenship

Madeleine Green: What's Next?

Ann Imlah Schneider: Connecting "Internationalism" and Prospective Teachers: Added Challenges?

Guadalupe Uquillas: Creating a Dynamic and Engaging Learning Environment for Faculty Members and Students

Lawrence T. White: Engaging Psychology Students in Cross-Cultural Research While Abroad

Conference sponsored by: Beloit College in collaboration with the American Council on Education Internationalization Collaborative and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Science Workshop sponsored by: The Global Partners Project