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Environmental Studies

[Paul Campbell]Paul Campbell

Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science

Can speak about environmental modeling



[Georgia Duerst-Lahti]Georgia Duerst-Lahti

Professor of Political Science  

Can speak about sustainable development in Southern Africa

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[William Green]William Green

James E. Lockwood Director of the Logan Museum of Anthropology and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Can speak about archaeology, Native Americans, and ethnobotany



[Yaffa Grossman]Yaffa Grossman

Professor of Biology

Can speak about botany, biometrics, environmental biology, ecology, conservation biology, environmental sustainability, trees, and restoration ecology



[George Lisensky]George Lisensky

Professor of Chemistry

Can speak about environmental science, climate change, and solid-state lighting

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[Carol Mankiewicz]Carol Mankiewicz

Professor of Biology

Can speak about marine and environmental biology; sedimentology; topics related to water, estuaries, paleoclimate, and soils; the natural history of South America; and citizen-monitoring (e.g. streams, dragonflies and damselflies, and earthworms)



[Carl Mendelson]Carl Mendelson

Robert H. Solem Professorship in the Science and Professor of Geology

Can speak about paleontology, extinction, earth history, planetary geology, and astrobiology (life on other planets)

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[Jo Ortel]Jo Ortel

Nystrom Fine Arts Professorial Chair and Professor of Art & Art History

Can speak about Native American art, environmental art, and environmental art initiatives




[Warren Palmer]Warren Palmer

Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Economics

Can speak about energy economics and environmental economics



[Laura Parmentier]Laura Parmentier 

Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Can speak about medicinal and organic chemistry




[James Rougvie]James Rougvie

Associate Professor of Geology

Can speak about physical geology, mineralogy, and petrology




[Sue Swanson]Sue Swanson

Weeks Chair in Physical and Human Geography and Professor of Geology

Can speak about environmental geology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, and geographic information systems

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[Matt Tedesco]Matthew Tedesco

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Can speak about environmental ethics

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[Pablo Toral]Pablo Toral

Associate Professor of Political Science

Can speak about environmental studies and global political ecology

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