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Chinese/Asian Studies and Culture

[Rob LaFleur]Robert André LaFleur

Professor of History and Anthropology

Can speak about the history of China and East Asia (including Japan and Korea); cultural analysis (social and cultural "theory") of a wide array of topics; historical archives; and management and business (he is currently writing a management book of lessons from China)

To learn more about LaFleur’s work, visit his blog.



[Jingjing Lou]Jingjing Lou

Assistant Professor of Education & Youth Studies

Can speak about international and comparative education research with a geographic focus on China



[Warren Palmer]Warren Palmer

Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Economics

Can speak about the Chinese economy



[Diep Phan]Diep Phan

Assistant Professor of Economics

Can speak about economic growth and development of developing nations, especially East and Southeast Asian economies




[John Rapp]John Rapp

Professor of Political Science and founder of Beloit College’s Asian Studies program

Can speak about Chinese politics, Communist and post-Communist systems, comparative democracies, Chinese and comparative political thought, elections in foreign countries, and electoral reform

To read more about Rapp's work, click here.



Phil Shields

Hales Family Professorship in Ethics and Professor of Philosophy

Can speak about ancient Chinese thought




[Daniel Youd]Daniel Youd

Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures

Can speak about the Chinese language, Ming and Qing dynasty vernacular fiction, Chinese/Western literary interactions, translations studies, and Peking Opera