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Biology and Chemistry

[Kevin Braun]Kevin Braun

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Can speak about analytical chemistry, instrumentation, chemical education, and forensic and archaeological applications of chemical instrumentation



[Amy Briggs]Amy Briggs

Assistant Professor of Biology

Can speak about molecular and cell biology, microbiology, plant pathology, genetics, emerging diseases, science education, and science education research 

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[Theodore Gries]Theodore Gries

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Can speak about biochemistry, enzyme kinetics, and solute effects




[Yaffa Grossman]Yaffa Grossman

Professor of Biology

Can speak about botany, biometrics, environmental biology, ecology, conservation biology, environmental sustainability, trees, and restoration ecology



[Katie Johnson 2014]Kathryn Johnson

Assistant Professor of Biology

Can speak about human and animal physiology, diabetes and obesity, human anatomy and biology, neurobiology, Family Discovery Night, and Girls and Women in Science 

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[George Lisensky]George Lisensky

Professor of Chemistry

Can speak about nanotechnology, environmental science, climate change, and solid-state lighting

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[Carol Mankiewicz]Carol Mankiewicz

Professor of Biology

Can speak about marine and environmental biology; sedimentology; topics related to water, estuaries, paleoclimate, and soils; the natural history of South America; and citizen-science monitoring (e.g. streams, dragonflies and damselflies, and earthworms)



[Laura Parmentier]Laura Parmentier

Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Can speak about medicinal chemistry and organic chemistry




[Rama Viswanathan]Rama Viswanathan

Professor of Chemistry and Computer Education 

Can speak about computer hardware and software, mobile applications, lasers, and solar power

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[Yasukawa]Ken Yasukawa

Professor of Biology

Can speak about red-winged blackbirds, ornithology (the study of birds), animal behavior, zoology, population biology, and biometrics

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