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Language Houses

Spanish HouseThe Spanish House is a co-ed residence located behind the library at 718 Church Street. Like the other language houses, the Spanish House is aligned with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, and members are selected by current students in the House along with the Spanish House advisor. The Spanish Club is an integral part of Casa hispanaCafé Loco is held weekly and allows students to practice their Spanish and learn about Hispanic cultures.  Spanish majors as well as other students going on or returning from the Ecuador seminar and other study-abroad programs. 

French HouseThe French House is a co-ed,Tudor-style house of 20 students. and is the base for the French Club. Café Vendredi takes place here on a weekly basis. A kitchen, dining room, living room, TV lounge, and a fireplace are located on the first floor of the house.The French House is located on College Street. 


Russian House Located at 717 Emerson Street, Russian House is a co-ed house of six. Like the French and Spanish Houses, Russian House is aligned with the Modern Languages Department and Literatures. Members are selected by a committee of faculty and students.


Japanese House

Japan House is for students interested in all things Japanese. 

German House is located in Wood Tower B at 836 Park Street. Students interested in speaking Japanese or German and learning more about the culture and society of these countries should apWoodTowerA&Bply to live in the respective Wood Tower.