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McNair Scholars 2014

Karen Bauer

Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr

Project Title: “Exploring two-headed households in Ecuador and how they go against Latin America’s traditional patriarchy and IPV”

Rita Bouwens

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Esperanza

Project Title: “Who Eats What and Why? A Political Economy Analysis of Food Choice”

Sudan Garner:

Mentor: Dr. Yaffa Grossman

Project Title:“The Hidden Costs of Agriculture: Exploring the Effects of Phosphorus Runoff on Aquatic Plant Growth”

Fabiola Candela Hernandez

Mentor: Dr. Nancy A. Krusko

Project Title: “Female Menstruation: Analyzing Contemporary Narratives”

Milica Mihajlovic

Mentor: Dr. Donna Oliver

Project Title: “A Second Chance: An Analysis of the Theme of Resurrection in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and The Idiot

Vanessa Pena

Mentor: Dr. William New

Project Title: “Parenthood, Child Care, and Work in Contemporary Amsterdam”

Jason Saba

Mentor: Dr. Theodore Gries

Project Title: “Urea and Glycine Betaine as Probes of Protein Conformational Changes Accompanying Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions”