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McNair Scholars 2012

McNair Summer Research Symposium 2012 

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Naomi Bullock

Summer 2012: White Collar Crime and the American Dream: A Sociological Film Analysis (Mentor: Dr. Ian Nie)

Summer 2013: Alternative Approaches to Returning to Childhood: The Art of Development (Mentor: Bruce Takata)


Kidiocus Carroll

Summer 2012: The Black Arts Repertory Theater/School and The Free Southern Theater: A Comparative Analysis (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)

Summer 2013: Health Disparities: How Trust Issues Perpetuate Unequal Treatment in African American Cardiovascular Health (Mentor:  Dr. Clifford Broman, Michigan State University)


Fernando Clark

Summer 2012: I Just Wanna Be Successful: The Role of Masculinity and Alienation in the Performance of Delinquent Behavior (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti and Dr. Lisa Anderson-Levy)

Summer 2013: (Mentor: Erin Cech, Rice University)


Mackenzie Endress

Summer 2012: The Effects of Super Political Action Committees on Game-Theoretic Models of Resource Allocation by U.S. Presidential Candidates (Mentor: Dr. Darrah Chavey)

Summer 2013:

Project 1: Financial and Social Effects of the Rising Costs of Student Housing on LSE Students (Mentor: Wei Yang, London School of Economics)

Project 2: Does Austerity Inhibit Economic Growth? (Mentor: Nicole Truesdell, Beloit College)


Caitlin Gunn

Summer 2012: Perfect Justice: African-American Women Engaged in Polygynous Marriages (Mentor: Dr. Debra Majeed)

Summer 2013: (Mentor: Elizabeth Blackbull and Elizabeth Perez, Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center)


Janelle Perez

Summer 2012: Si Se Puede: Creating Bilingual & Bicultural Classrooms in Beloit WI (Mentor: Dr. William New and Dr. Fernando Calderon)

Summer 2013: What Programs Are ELLs Benefitting From? An Investigation On U.S. Bilingual Program Models (Mentor: Gloria Ladson-Billings and Mariana Pacheco, University of Wisconsin- Madison)


Diana Pinduisaca

Summer 2012: Understanding Ethnic Identity Development and School Success In Adolescents of Mexican Descent: Review of Literature (Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Lopez and Dr. William New)

Summer 2013: Guatemalan Children's Developmental Understanding of Disability in Inclusion School (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Quintana, University of Wisconsin- Madison)


Jessica Torres

Summer 2012: Military Participation as a Post-Graduation Option: Case Studies Approach among Latino Males from Chicago (Mentor: Dr. Charles Westerberg)

Summer 2013: An Exploratory Study of How the Perception of Neighborhood Safety and Social Support impact levels of leisure time physical activity among church-going Latinas in a Chicago neighborhood (Mentor: Marion Fass)


Praises Vega

Summer 2012: The Skin Tone Politics of Women in the Black Community and its Effects on Identity Through Hip-Hop Music (Mentor:  Dr. Fernando Calderon)

Summer 2013: (Mentor: Dr. William New)


Patricia Weber

Summer 2012: Queer Zines as Educational Tools for Gender and Sexuality (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington)

Summer 2013: Queer Zines as Educational Tools for Gender and Sexuality Part 2/Zines as Educational Tools (Mentor: Dr. William New, Beloit College)