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McNair Scholars 2001

Marisa Carr

Graduate Institution(s): University of Wisconsin - Madison

Summer 2001: Promoting Positive Associations, Cultural Awareness and Dispelling Myths Through South African Children's Literature (Mentor: Dr. Sonja Darlington)


Celeste Chung

Graduate Institution(s): University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Summer 2001: Sexuality Education and Ideology: The Role of the Adolescent in His/Her Formalized Sexuality Education (Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Greene)


Nathan Edwards

Graduate Institution(s): Liberty University, MA - Professional Counseling (2012)

Summer 2001: The Social Implications of a Casino in the Black Community (Mentor: Dr. Menno Froese)


Olivia Garcia

Graduate Institution(s): University of Arizona, MA Political Science; University of California - Los Angeles, Ph.D. Political Science (2013)

Summer 2001: Latino Advocacy Groups in a Time of Increasing Recognition (Mentor: Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti)


John-Paul Gray

Graduate Institution(s):University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, MA Curriculum and Instruction (2009)

Summer 2001: An Investigation of Mexican Culture in Beloit, with Special Attention to Education and Identity Development of Children and Youth (Mentor: Dr. William New)


Alan Her

Summer 2001: The Presence of Begging Call Convergence in Red-Winged Blackbirds (Mentor: Dr. Ken Yasukawa)


Nery Morales

Graduate Institution(s): Texas Women's University, MA in Women's Studies (2007)

Summer 2001: Marianismo or Vendida (Mentor: Dr. Catherine Orr)


Fatima Quander

Graduate Institution(s): The New School, Actor's Studio, MFA in Acting

Summer 2001: "I'm White, Therefore I can:" The Concept of Irish and Black American Social and Economic Competition as it Relates to Blackface Minstrelsy (Mentor: Dr. Amy Sarno)


Alexandra Shade

Graduate Institution(s): George Washington University, M.S. Health Sciences: Clinical Management and Leadership

Summer 2001: Unlocking the Mystery Behind Advertising: The Creativity of Advertising in a Universal Contemporary Community, 3-D Style (Mentor: Dr. David Knutson)


Catherine Truong

Graduate Institution(s): University of California - San Diego, MA  Pacific International Affairs

Summer 2001: Taiwan's Futile Attempt to Gain United Nations Observer Status (Mentor: Dr. John Rapp)