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McNair Scholars 1999

Angela Bahr

Graduate Institution(s): University of Michigan, MSW (2004)

Summer 1999: Transracial Adoption: Legal and Psychological Perspectives (Mentor: Dr. Lawrence White)


Heather Bigeck

Graduate Institution(s): University of Oklahoma, MA Liberal Studies (2007)

Summer 1999: Internship


Nujemi Champion

Summer 1999: Therapeutic Touch: Its Benefits and Drawbacks (Mentor: Dr. David Knutson)


Daniel Casillas

Graduate Institution(s): University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, MA in Special Education (2001); Northern Illinois University, M.S. Education-Education Administration

Summer 1999: The Effect of Vitamin C & E Supplementation on the Resistance of Blood Plasma to Lipid Peroxidation (Mentor: Dr. Alfred Ordman)


Gerald Govert

Summer 1999: Bias and Dishonesty in Ethnographic Research (Mentor: Dr. Gail Pizarro)


Cristo Mendoza

Graduate Institution(s): Saint Louis University-Madrid, MA in Spanish Literature (2003)

Summer 1999: Immigration and the Experience of Mexicans in the US: The Exploration of Possible Patterns Through the Medium of Creative Writing (Mentor: Dr. Oswaldo Voysest)


Christopher Morris

Summer 1999: Graffti Murals in Chicago: Vandalism or Art? (Mentor: Dr. Ralph Knasinski)


Perci Smith

Summer 1999: Public Assistance: An In-Depth Look at Two Profiles (Mentor:Dr. Menno Froese)


Phillip Thompson

Attending: Case Reserve Western University, Ph.D. Organizational Behavior

Graduate Institution(s): McKendree University, MA Counseling Psychology; Missouri State University, M.S. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Summer 1999: Entrepreneurial Activities in Student Organizations (Mentor: Dr. Warren Palmer)