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[PP Exhibit Title] Open now in the Shaw Gallery on the Museum's second floor. Closes December 14.


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Open now in the Memorial Hall Foyer in the museum’s first floor

Objects speak volumes about the daily lives of people in the 19th century—but a handful of cow bones cannot describe the delight of sitting down to Sunday dinner. Historians can scour letters and diaries to read accounts of the joys of a good meal. Without the actual forks and spoons, dinner and dessert remain words on a page. By studying bones, bottles, and books alike, historical archaeologists can understand more about the past than they could glean from one type of evidence alone. Curated by Emily Starck’14


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The Logan Museum of Anthropology collects significant ethnographic and archaeological artifacts. The objects exhibited here are among our most recent acquisitions and strengthen our holdings of materials from North America and Africa. The Museum is grateful to supporters who help us expand the scope and significance of our collections through their generosity.

Open now in the Shaw Gallery on the museum's second floor. Runs through November.