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Current Exhibitions

[Face It]

Professor Christi Clancy’s WRIT100 class (themed “This is the End”) has opened their class exhibit, “Face it, You're Basic (or Nah): The End of the Individual in Modern Times.” The exhibit explores how social media, consumerism, and racism affect individuality.

Runs through Sunday, March 8, 2015 in the Logan Museum Foyer on the first floor.


[Grease Exhibit Poster] 









It's easy to forget the men and women who worked here

few traces of them now

their labour has disappeared--replaced by happy tourists, art 


But the grease under the machines hold their stories.

                    -- from "Cockatoo Island,” by Sarah Attfield

This special exhibit by Professor Sonja Darlington's FYI, hopes to bring the distinct and yet heterogeneous aspects of work, working class, and working class life into clearer focus. Runs Tuesday, November 20th, through Sunday, March 15, in the Shaw Gallery on the museum's second floor.