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Wild and desolate the desert is—at times no trace of vegetation, then scattering bits here & there. Tufts of coarse grass or dome like bunches of woody shrubs, then again vast stretches of sand or loose rock. Yet the shades of gray & brown are fascinating… The harmony of lines & curves in the dunes always gives a pleasing picture.                                                   

                                                                        -- Alonzo Pond, October 17, 1925.

The first wheeled-vehicle expedition to cross the Sahara Desert from north to south included the Logan Museum’s assistant curator Alonzo Pond’18. Pond traveled with an international team of explorers and adventurers, collecting archaeological and ethnographic material from numerous places and people. Blue Veils, Black Mountains recounts Pond’s historic journey using his diary and memoir, photographs, and objects he collected along the way.

This exhibit can be found in the Shaw Gallery on the Museum’s second floor and runs through December 7, 2015.



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Collecting Today: Mata Ortiz Ceramics

This exhibit tells the story of how Mata Ortiz ceramics came to be, why the Logan Museum of Anthropology decided to collect contemporary ceramics from a small village in northern Mexico, and how opportunities for student engagement followed.

You can find this exhibit in the Shaw Gallery on the Museum’s second floor, and it runs through March 4, 2016.


What Culture is She Wearing?

What Culture is She Wearing? Examining Appropriation at Beloit College through Photos

What harm is it to wear objects from a different culture? This is one of several questions being asked in an exhibit of photos from the 1930’s-1960’s of Beloit students wearing cultural objects from the Logan Museum of Anthropology’s collections.  What Culture is She Wearing? Examining Appropriation at Beloit College through Photos examines how Beloit College students have changed the way they interact with objects and view other cultures. Curated by Franny Alfano'15.

This exhibit runs through December 7, 2015, in the Museum's first floor Foyer.