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Journal articles

Applied Science & Technology Source (B) - Full text titles covering topics related to applied science and computing disciplines

MathSciNet (B) - References to mathematical publications from the early 1800s to the present.

Web of Science (B) - Indexes and abstracts journals in the sciences and social sciences from 1983 to the present. Includes a cited reference searching feature.

Springerlink (B) - Full suite of publisher journals and ebooks including many in math and statistics.

JSTOR (B) -Covers selected mathematics journals.

Academic Search Premier (B) EBSCOhost  - A good beginning point for recent articles in many subject areas. Includes some full text articles. Provided by BadgerLink. Also includes EBSCOhost Source databases with selected full text articles in many subject areas.

ArXiv - E-print archive for research in physics, mathematics and computer science.

Books and media

SPSS Tutorials

Historical Statistics of the U.S. (B) - Statistics on U.S. population, economics, governance, and international relations.

China Geo-Explorer I (B) - Provides easy access to summary, comparison and rank reports and maps, and allows users to quickly retrieve information for any area of Mainland China, including demographic and business data.

Ebrary (B) - A large collection of full-text academic ebooks.

(B) indicates sources accessible to Beloit College users only.