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Zipping on a Mac

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  1. Locate the file or files that you wish to zip
  2. If you will be zipping up multiple files, hold down Shift key on your keyboard while selecting the files.
    • *Note that multiple files need to be stored in the same folder
    • If you will only be zipping one file, click on the file name to select it
    • Ctrl + Click on the file(s) once selected to bring up the "right click" menu
    • Choose Create Archive of (filename or number of items selected) from the menuRight click menu (mac)
    • A new .zip file will be created in the same folder the original file(s) were located inNew zipped file (mac)
    • Double click on the zipped file to extract the contents to the same location as the zipped file
    • If the zipped file contains multiple files, an Archive folder will be created containing the files
    • If the zipped file contains one file, the file will be extracted in the same location as the zipped fileExtracted zipped file (mac)

    *A zipped file can be attached to an email just like any other file