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Windows 7/Vista Wireless

Note:  It is important to run all software updates on your Machine before following these instructions.  Failure to update the latest software may result in an inability to connect to the BCNet wireless network.

1)  Click the Start Menu and navigate to the Control Panel.

2) Navigate to the Network and Internet portion of the Control Panel.

3) Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center submenu.

4) Click on Manage wireless networks in the sidebar located on the left.

5) Click Add to add in a new wireless network.

6) Select Manually create a network profile.

7) Enter BCNet as the Network name.  Select WPA2-Enterprise as Security Type.  Select AES as Encryption type.  Click Next.
Windows 7 Wireless Configuration

8) When you see the "success" message, click Change connection settings.

9) Click on the Security tab on the top of the window.  Verify Security type is set to WPA2-Enterprise and Encryption type is AES.  Select Microsoft: Protocol EAP (PEAP) as authentication method and click on Settings.
Windows 7 Wireless Configuration

10) Make sure Validate server certificate is unchecked.  Click Configure.

11) Uncheck Automatically use Windows logon name and password.  Click OK.

12) Click OK.

13) Select Advanced settings.

14) Make sure Specify authentication mode is set to User authentication and click Save credentials.

15) Enter in your Beloit College username and password and click OK.

16) Click OK.

17) Click OK.

18) Click Close.

19) Your computer should now automatically connect to the BCNet wireless access point when it is in range.

20) If this is your first time connecting this computer to the BCNet wireless network, you will be prompted to register your computer.