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Mac OSX 7 and Higher Wireless

Note:  It is important to run all software updates on your Macintosh before following these instructions.  Failure to update the latest software may result in an inability to connect to the ISR wireless network.

1) Click the Wireless icon  on the Menu Bar, and then click Open Network Preferences.

2) Click
Turn Wi-Fi Off.  Then, click Advanced.

3) On the
Wi-Fi tab, click + to create a new preferred network.

4) Enter
BCNet for the name of the new network.
Mac 10.8_WirelessName 

5) Set security to
WPA-2 Enterprise.

6) Enter your Beloit College E-Mail
Mac10.8 WirelessMode

7) Click
OK on the Add a Wi-Fi network profile window.

8) Click
Apply on the Network Preferences window.

9) Click Turn Wi-Fi On.

10) Your computer should now automatically connect to any BCNet wireless access point in range.

11) If this is your first time connecting this computer to the BCNet wireless network, you will be prompted to register your computer.