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Mac OSX 6 Wireless

Note:  It is important to run all software updates on your Macintosh before following these instructions.  Failure to update to the latest software may result in an inability to connect to the BCNet wireless network.

1) Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.

2) Select the Network icon in the Internet & Wireless panel in the System Preferences window.

3) If you look in the bottom left corner of this window and see there is a closed lock, click on it and enter in your computer’s administrative password.  You want to see the lock unlocked.
   Mac OpenLock Icon     

4) Select AirPort on the left side and click on Turn Airport Off.  Click on the Advanced button at the bottom of the window.

5) Select the 802.1X tab and click the + to Add User Profile.

6) Enter your Beloit username and password.  Check both PEAP and TTLS under Authentication.  Type BCNet into Wireless Network and select WPA2 Enterprise as Security Type.  Click OK on the bottom right of the window.
Mac10.6 BCNet 802.1x

7) Click Apply on the Network window and then click the Advanced button.

8) Under the AirPort tab click the + to add a new Preferred Network.

9) Type in BCNet for Network Name. Change the Security to 802.1X WEP using the drop down menu.  Then, use the 802.1X drop down to select BCNet.  This should populate the user credentials with what you entered during 802.1X configuration.
Mac 10.6 Airport Edit

10)Click Save on the edit network window and then OK on the previous window.

11) Click Apply on the Network window.

12) Then, click Turn AirPort On.
Mac 10.6 Turn Airport On

13) Your computer should now automatically connect to any BCNet wireless access point in range.
Mac 10.6 BCNet Connected

14) If this is your first time connecting this computer to the BCNet wireless network, you will be prompted to register your computer.