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Android Wireless

Note:  It is important to run all software updates on your Android mobile device before following these instructions.  Failure to update the latest software may result in an inability to connect to the BCNet wireless networks.

1) Go to
Settings. Select Wireless & Networks. Select Wi-Fi Settings.

2) Turn
Wi-Fi On using the toggle button.
[Android settings]

3) Under Wi-Fi, select the BCNet wireless connection.
[Android BCNet]

4) On the
BCNet connection settings screen, ensure that PEAP is filled in as the EAP Method Select MSCHAPV2 in the Phase 2 authentication field. Next, enter your Identity (username) and Password Be sure to leave the Anonymous Identity field blank. Then, click the Connect button.
[Android Credentials]

5) If prompted,
Accept the certificate for either or Once you accept the certificate, the device will attempt to join the network.  

6) If this is your first time connecting this device to the BCNet wireless network, you will be prompted to register your device.