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These instructions are valid when connecting to the BCNet Wireless network only. 

If you need assistance configuring your wireless connection, please contact IT Support.

Wireless Connectivity Using Android devices
Wireless Connectivity Using iOS devices
Wireless Connectivity Using Mac OS X 7 and higher
Wireless Connectivity Using Windows 7/Windows Vista
Wireless Connectivity Using Windows 8

Please note:  If you are a guest connecting to the BCGuest wireless network you should follow these instructions.

For students, faculty or staff who decide to install a personally owned wireless access point or router, refer to the
Private Wireless Router Configuration and Policy page.

Wireless Security Practices: Important!

Accessing the network through wireless laptops and other wireless devices is even more insecure than using the network with a direct network connection. Since a wireless connection is a shared environment, it is possible for your connection can be viewed in its entirety by any other users in the same wireless zone. This means that anyone can view all of the content including your passwords that you send back and forth. It can often be viewed by intruders from outside the Beloit College community if they hack the authentication process so it is very important to practice secure connectivity methods when using wireless.

Encrypting your network connections is the only way to maintain privacy and confidentiality of your content (including your passwords) over wireless. You should always use an SSL connection when connecting to sites that require a password or other confidential content. Please read the Encryption How-To web page. It can be as trivial as simply using https instead of http in the web address.

If you have questions or problems, please contact IT Support.

    Beloit College Wireless Access Points

    Beloit College offers wireless network access in all academic and administrative buildings. Wireless also is accessible outside of Pearsons and the residential quad with significant outdoor coverage. 

    Wireless coverage exists in the residential buildings on campus. Personal wireless routers are not allowed in the buildings that have wireless coverage, but are supported in other buildings. Please refer to our Personal Wireless Router Policy for more information.