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Mobile Devices

There can be a wide range of thoughts and circumstances that play into the purchase decision process for mobile devices, such as Blackberries, on campus. In order to assure that your device will function with the resources provided through the Beloit College network, IT makes the following recommendations. This guidance is based on experiences with phones, their interaction with our campus environment, and to assure that IT is able to support in the most efficient method possible. IT provides a limited amount of support for mobile devices.

The following list of devices have proven to work successfully with the Beloit College network:

Blackberry models, specifically the 'Curve', 'Storm', or 'World' 8300 series
iPhone (Please note that some iPhones have had problems maintaining a connection to Google Apps for Education)

Based on experiences with different carriers, IT recommends choosing Verizon. Their interface functions smoothly with College resources, options in setting up POP service closely match college needs without the need for carrier technical support, and their technical support has been superb compared to their competitors. The combination of the Blackberry Curve model with the Verizon software and technical support in particular work very smoothly in the Beloit College Google Apps environment. Mail, Calendar, and Contacts all update 'over the air' without the need to be tethered to a computer synchronization process.

Any questions regarding these recommendations should be directed to the IT Support.