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Moodle 2.x upgrade

March 7, 2012 at 3:38 pm

Moodle at Beloit College is changing for the better! Support for our current version of Moodle (1.9.x) will end in June. As a result we need to upgrade to the next version, 2.x. The current plan is to create a test instance this semester, test over the summer, and implement in Fall 2012. Your support of, and participation in this process will ensure that this is a success. I will keep you abreast of developments as they occur. 

This new version will bring some welcome advancements, but will also present some challenges. Some of the enhancements that I am excited about are: repository support, portfolio support, and conditional activities, among others. The challenges that we face are that some of what has been familiar may have changed. The file system was completely re-written, changing the way that we will interact with it. To face this challenge head-on, You will be offered documentation and extensive training opportunities to help bridge the unfamiliar. 

Jedidiah Rex