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A few Windows 7 tips

February 1, 2012 at 11:04 am

Do you use the task bar (the area to the right of the 'start button' in windows 7) for shortcuts to programs that you run frequently? If you have any shortcuts there, then this might help you.

Whatever the shortcut is, right click on it and see what it gives you....

  • If you have an MS Office shortcut there (word, excel, etc) you will get  a list of recently opened files. So, if the file that you are going to open was recently accessed, you could open it again by simply right clicking and selecting it in this way.
  • if you have a web browser shortcut there (IE, Firefox, or Chrome) you will get a list of recently visited websites. Go to the recently used website by clicking on it from this menu without having to open your web browser first.
  • Do you have the Windows Explorer folder there? Right clicking on it will give you a list of folders that you have visited recently.
  • Do you use Outlook and have that icon there? You can start a new email message or create a calendar appointment by right clicking on it...even if it is not currently running.