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ACTION REQUIRED:  Starting fall semester, the college will be requiring all degree-seeking students to provide proof of health insurance.

It is important that all students have a health insurance policy that covers them while at Beloit. The college has located a reasonable insurance program that students may purchase if they do not have insurance that covers them while at Beloit College or if this policy is a better plan than they currently have.   

Insurance Program Document for Domestic Students (the same coverage is provided for international students)

Plan for Domestic students

Plan for International students

All students are required to show proof of insurance or they will be automatically billed for the college designated insurance plan. 

Domestic students* may enter your insurance information into the Portal at  Incoming students: you have received your email address and password for entering the portal in your Becoming A Beloiter booklet.

After you submit information about your insurance coverage into the Portal (, the charge will be removed from your bill.  Bills are updated every Friday.

If you have not provided the college with insurance information by July 31st, the $1929.00 charge will remain on your account
(coverage is from August 1, 2014-July 31, 2015). 

If you have any questions, please email or call the Dean of Students Office at (608) 363-2660

*International students will be automatically enrolled in the college-designated plan.

**Varsity athletes choosing this option will be required to purchase an additional rider.