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Cecil Youngblood, OIA Director
Office located in Pearsons

Daksha Howard, OIA and IC CoordinatorDaksha Howard
Works in the Intercultural Center (IC) located in 609 Emerson 
phone: 608-363-2125

Sarah Tweedale, Intercultural InitiativesSarah Tweedale

Office located in Persons

phone: 363-2350


Meet the 2013-2014 OIA Student Staff
Nzingha HallNzingha Hall
Year: Senior
Majors: Health and Society - Chinese
Position: Co-Student Director
Fun fact: I am in a Nelly video



Nadir CarlsonNadir Carlson

Year: 2016

Major: Political Science

Position: Co-Student Director
Fun Fact: I share the same birthday as President Barack Obama

Calago Hipps Calago Hipps
Year: 2015
Major(s)/Minor(s) Media Studies and Performance/Journalism 
Position:Program Assistant
Fun Fact: I've seen every Judd Apatow film at least 5 times

Tatiana Emilia Rosario

Year: 2015

Major(s)/Minor(s): Russian/SociologyNew Spring staff
Position: Program Assistant
Fun Fact: I lived in Russia four months and saw four ballets(including "Swan Lake") inside of a palace.


Felicia Hernandez
Year:2015Felicia Hernandez
Major:Health and Society - Minor in History.
Position: Program Assistant
Bio- I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse.


Jane-Elise RyerJane-Elise

Year: 2017

Major Undeclared

Position: Program Assistant

Fun Fact: I lived in Marrakesh,Morocco for four month

 New Spring staff

Reine Lucas

Majors: Anthropology and Sociology

Position: Program Assistant
Grade: Junior
Fun Fact: I have lived in 6 countries


Rasheda HughesRasheda Hughes
Year: 2014
Major: Anthropology and dance double major
Position: Program Assistant
Bio: On the track team, I like to sleep, eat, watch movies, and star gazing



Bellande Billy BertrandBellande Bertrand
Year: 2017
Position:Program Assistant 
Bio-I am a Student from Miami Florida; Born in Haiti
Fun Fact: I know the VP of Bacardi, I Love to dance and sing, and play sports.  


To learn more about our office (OIA) and the IC, please stop by and visit us at:

Intercultural Center (IC)
Located in 609 Emerson 

Mon-Thur 10am to 10pm
Friday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 4pm to 10pm

Phone: 363-2125