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Student Research

Collaborative research between students and faculty members is an important part of the geology program at Beloit College. Under the direction of a member of the Geology faculty, students design and implement a research project, gather and analyze their own data, and present their results. 

Research opportunities are also available through the Keck Geology Consortium which is comprised of 18 colleges committed to undergraduate education in geology through intercollegiate programs that engage students and faculty in cooperative research. Among its founders was Beloit College Professor Emeritus Hank Woodard.

Examples of recent student research projects:

  • Microfaunal dependency on oceanic conditions: a regional study of benthic foraminiferal assemblages of the Faroe Shetland Channel (North Atlantic); David Colin '13; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Imaging porosity evolution during experimental replacement reactions in the KBr-KCl system; Tommy Davis '13; Advisor: Jim Rougvie.
  • Lake budget analysis to understand groundwater flooding of a seepage lake near Milton, WI; Grace Graham, '13; Advisor: Sue Swanson.
  • Investigating late Pleistocene and Anthropocene flood deposits along North Boulder and Caribou Creek, Colorado Front Range; Chris Halcsik, '13; Advisor: Sue Swanson.
  • Metamorphism and alteration of the Skelton Lake Tuff, Sierra Nevada Mountains; Rachel Skoza '13; Advisor: Jim Rougvie.
  • Solifluction lobes as potential sediment contributors to Linnévatnet, Spitsbergen, Svalbard; Helena Tiedmann '13; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Fresh-water diatoms as bioindicators of pollution in Selden Cove, Connecticut River; Tirzah Abbott '12; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Metamorphic conditions responsible for the formation of garnet-, scapolite-, and magnetite-rich calc-silicate rocks in the Montezuma Basin, Colorado; Beth Ames '12; Advisor: Jim Rougvie.
  • Unexploded ordnance cleanup: the challenges of soil sampling and remediation at the Jeep and Demolition Range, Aurora, CO; Melissa Apland, '12; Advisor: Sue Swanson.
  • Geochemical characterization of tidal coves of the Connecticut River estuary; Hannah Blatchford '12; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Chitinozoan diversity in dysoxic shales from the Upper Ordovician Elgin Member of the Maquoketa Formation; Greg Bongey '12; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Using clay mineralogy to analyze sediment sources, Kronebreen and Kongsvegen Glaciers, Svalbard, Norway; Liz Ceperley '12; Advisor: Sue Swanson.
  • Evapotranspiration rates of Phalaris arundinacea and native prairie species at Newark Road Prairie; India John '12; Advisor: Sue Swanson.
  • Temporal and geochemical controls of tufa deposition, southwestern Wisconsin; Evan Mascitti '12; Advisor: Sue Swanson.
  • Paleogeographic and tectonic setting of Miocene intraplate volcanism, Island Hills, Canterbury, New Zealand; Megan Mason, '12; Advisor: Jim Rougvie.
  • Geochemical characterization of a partial prairie restoration at Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin; Jorge Selva '12; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Sodic-calcic metasomatism of the Maroon Formation: fluid-rock interaction in the contact aureole wall rock of the White Rock pluton, Colorado; William Thompson, '12; Advisor: Jim Rougvie.
  • Metasomatism and metamorphism of Jurassic continental volcanic arc rocks in the Inyo Mountains, California; Amanda Manzanares, '11; Advisor: Jim Rougvie.
  • Using pollen to understand Quaternary paleoenvironments in Betasso Gulch, Front Range, Colorado; Corey Shircliff, '11; Advisor: Carl Mendelson.
  • Mapping and relative age dating of moraines in the Horoo Gol Valley, Hovsgol Rift, Mongolia; Briana Berkowitz, '11; Advisor: Sue Swanson.