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Beloiter Fund

Beloiter Fund

What's new, fast...

The Beloiter Fund reached its $3 million annual goal in May 2013! To thank you, (thank you!) we want to celebrate by sharing the 3 million reasons (and dollars) we're grateful, and how your gift to the Beloiter Fund makes a difference. Check out our 3 million reasons in 30 days, July 1-August 8, 2013 here or on the Beloit College Alumni Affairs Facebook page.

The Beloiter Fund supports the people, programs, and places that continue to make Beloit College one of the best-known, and best-regarded, liberal arts colleges in the nation.

How does the Beloiter Fund keep Beloit moving forward?
The Beloiter Fund directly impacts students, faculty and staff, and the places and spaces where learning takes place. Did you know that tuition and room/board only covers 75% of the expense of educating a student? Your generosity to the Beloiter Fund makes it possible for students to experience what makes Beloit, Beloit. And it does it today. No waiting. So whether you are making a gift to the Beloiter Fund for scholarships, to renew the historic core, to the life-changing experiences through liberal arts in practice, or simply to where the need is greatest, your gift moves the college forward, and fast.