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The college will test its emergency alert system on Wednesday (Sept. 2) at 12:30 p.m. As a part of the test, all faculty, staff, and students should receive an email, phone call, and text message at or around the common hour.



Thomas L. Viel (Director)

LeeAnn Ryan (Office Manager)      
Pennie Ritter (Parts Coordinator/Office Asst.)


Bruce Hamilton (Maintenance Supervisor)
Shane Niman (Lead Maintenance)  

Sean Bilodeau                      Rodney Hareid    
Dan Holterman                     Bruce McBride
Jon Palazzolo                       Wayne Perez
John Ross                            Steven Sutherland                
Raymond Thomas                 Vernon Tschudy
Stephen Williams                  Mark Yagle


Jean Redmond (Housekeeping Supervisor)
Ami Vance  (Lead Housekeeper) 

Maria Anaya                      Camarina Barajas
Dorlean Bell                       Jenny Carlson                   
Maria Cervantes                 Jaime Chambliss               
Leona Chambliss                Bobbie Conner                  
Brittany Flores                   Ondre Hill
Maria Infante                     Diana Inman 
Debra Najdowski                Nealy Olson
Mary Lynn Phillips              Amber Pociask
Greg Pyles                         Jose Robles
Erica Roecker                     Susan Ryytty 
Fontella (Brooke) Saettele   Cathy Salinas 
Martha Schoonover             Vicki Seichter 
Paula Simms                      Lori Story 
Peggy Thompson                                                        

Facilities Service                        

Michael Carlson