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Department Launches Beloit Economics Alumni Facebook Group

While Econ Day features our perennially productive face-to-face network for alumni, students, and faculty, this new Facebook Group facilitates additional networking opportunities for alumni on a continuous-time, if not face-to-face, basis.  Thus, every day becomes a virtual Econ Day through the Beloit Economics Alumni Facebook Group.  If you are an alumnus of our department and haven’t yet joined this group, e-mail any of our departmental faculty and we will be happy to add you to the group.


Prof. Emily Chamlee-Wright Becomes Provost and Dean at Washington College

After 19 years of distinguished service to our Department of Economics, the last two of which also were spent as Associate Dean of Beloit College, the Elbert Neese Professor of Economics Emily Chamlee-Wright has accepted an offer to become Provost and Dean at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, starting this Fall.

The author of three books and numerous journal articles, Emily’s range of teaching during her two decades spanned the full continuum from our introductory course to our senior seminar. Her excellence in the classroom, the compassionate advice she imparted in her office, and the inspiration she provided both for students and for colleagues to pursue research will be remembered by all who have done economics at Beloit College from 1993 through 2012.

During the final four of those years, Emily pioneered a unique model for the senior seminar: a course built around the work of a leading scholar in Economics. In honor of Miller Upton – President of Beloit College from 1955 to 1976 – we call these distinguished economists Upton Scholars, and their perennial week-long on-campus residencies each Fall include class visits, panels of additional leading economists assembled to appraise the Upton Scholar’s contributions, and a keynote address delivered by the Upton Scholar to a packed house in the new Science Center Atrium.

This entire academic enterprise – The Upton Forum on the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations – owes its intellectual inception and impressive first four years to the innovative mind and tireless energy of Emily Chamlee-Wright. Each Upton Scholar’s keynote address, commentaries written by expert panelists, and top student papers have been commemorated each year through the publication of an Annual Proceedings edited by Emily. Her distinctive model for the senior seminar, the perennial residencies of Upton Scholars and each year’s corresponding Upton Forum, as well as the ensuing publication of each new Annual Proceedings will continue as an enduring legacy of Emily’s tenure here at Beloit College.