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Connecting Beloit: An Advising Practicum

When? Wednesday, March 26, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • The full schedule, including all-campus events, departmental events, and Initiatives workshop locations is available in the PDF at right.
  • For a searchable schedule of departmental events, click here.

What's more: students who attend all-college events will earn raffle tickets for prizes like:

  • an iPad mini
  • speakers
  • $100 gift cards

The more sessions you attend, the more chances you'll have to win! The drawing will take place at C-Haus during the end-of-day happy hour (4:00-6:00).

We asked some Beloiters to tell us the advice they would give their younger, past selves—about college, their time at Beloit, and life in general. Here are some of their responses:

Coura Diop’14
Coura Diop
“I would tell my freshman self to take advantage of the privilege of being in college and to take initiative and control of my own education. But most importantly to challenge myself to work harder.”

David Bender’14
David Bender
“Seek help from your professors, as they're willing to give you guidance not just academically but in life beyond the classroom”

Marilyn Medina’15

Marilyn Medina
“I would tell my freshman self that it's okay to have fun as long as you make it to class and do your work. Also, take advantage of the opportunities Beloit has early on such as clubs, study abroad, etc. ”

Josh Tenenbaum’14
Josh Tenenbaum
“There are countless opportunities to involve yourself in, don't overlook something because it doesn't appeal to you at first.”

Ousia Whitaker-DeVault’15
Ousia Whitaker-DeVault
“Be honest with yourself and others, and don't be too worried with what others think about you—there's not enough time for that.”

Rasheda Hughes’14
Rasheda Hughes
“I would tell my past self to never let someone degrade you or lower your self-esteem and to trust your insticts.”

Jacy Pieper’14
Jacy Pieper
“I would tell my past self to plan more...for everything.”