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Spring Symposium Schedule

A copy of the full Symposium booklet is available here. The titles and schedules of talks is given below.

Mathers, Pearsons Hall – Morning Session
9:00 Donna Oliver Opening Remarks, Department of Modern Languages and Literature
9:05 Angeline Peterson The Personal and Political in Francophone Film: Deconstructing Postcolonial Identities, Hybrid Positionalities, and Hyphe-Nations
9:30 Jacob Wirt What Is to Be Done?: The Struggle Between Will and Inertia in Dostoevsky’s Underground
9:55 Michael Thompson A Meta-Ethical Problem: Are We Motivated To Do What We Judge To Be Right?
10:20 Break


10:35 Bill Green Opening Remarks, Director of Museums and Department of Anthropology
10:40 Matthew Schlicksup Patterns in the Plowzone: A Preliminary Analysis of Stone Tool Debris at a Prehistoric Native American Site
11:05 Julia Lacher The Materiality of Religion: The Arapaho Ghost Dance Dress at the Logan Museum of Anthropology
11:30 Magpie Renninger Just Dancing Though: Exploring Physical and Emotional Distance in Chinese Social Dance
11:55 Carrie Hatcher "I’m an artist and I can’t do math": The Danger of Being Blind to the Cognitive Value of Engaging with Art


Mathers, Pearsons Hall – Afternoon Session
1:05 Lisa Haines Wright Opening Remarks, Department of English
1:10 Valmai Hanson Boundaries, Identities, and Women’s Bodies: Exploring the Narratives of Julia Alvarez and Edwidge Danticat
1:35 Will Harris The Coincidence and the Fragment: Classic Historical Novels into Modernism
2:00 Malcolm Yates “Soy un amasamiento, I am an act of kneading”: The Language of Doubleness, Division, and Synthesis
2:25 Robert E. Lee Re-signifying Experience
2:50 break


3:05 Diep Phan Opening Remarks, Department of Economics
3:10 Ted Liu Save the Farm: U.S. Agricultural Subsidies and Their Compliance and Conflicts with WTO Agreements
3:35 Ted Liu Cultivating Authenticity: The Wisconsin Ginseng Industry and Its International Trade Relationships with Chinatowns and China
4:00 Ellery Addington-White, Raksha Ashlaysha, Ryan Munger, Donnia Robins A Social Entrepreneurship Exercise: Pitching a Startup Product


Richardson Auditorium, Morse-Ingersoll Hall – Morning Session
9:00 Pablo Toral Opening Remarks, Department of Political Science
9:05 Karla Figueroa The Role of the U.S. in Increased Militarization of the Mexican Drug War
9:30 Samantha Holte Sustainable Development in Rural Ecuador
9:55 Néstor Zavala Multinationals in Latin America
10:20 Break


10:35 Akiko Ogino Opening Remarks, Department of Modern Languages
10:40 Kun Zhang Transnational Advocacy Network: Case Study of China’s Blood Disaster
11:05 Krista Robbins Communicating Cross-Culturally: The Case of Mizuko Kuyo
11:30 Rachel Smith Selling a Pilgrimage: The Use of Art in Japan to Promote Holy Journeys
11:55 Madison McCartha Horror & Transgression in the Haunted Self: A History of Trauma Narratives in Numinous Japanese Fiction


Richardson Auditorium, Morse-Ingersoll Hall – Afternoon Session
1:05 Elizabeth Brewer Opening Remarks, Office of International Education
1:10 Anthony Bostler Surviving the Street: Using Muppets and Puppets to Educate Children
1:35 Jessica Rardin Head Start Parent Participation in Programs Related to Family Success
2:00 Sara Feld The Ramapo Approach: A Study of a Unique Summer Program for Children with Emotional, Social & Learning Disabilities

Emily Evans,  Mary Ghitelman, Ashley Rosenbaum, Evan Staff,

Marian Whitaker

Study Abroad Reflections
2:50 Break


3:05 Ellen Joyce Opening Remarks, Department of History
3:10 Mackenzie Weekes All the Single Ladies: Discrimination of Women Professors at Beloit College, 1920-1925
3:35 Alice Mitchell The Creative Life of Phyllis Lahti
4:00 Julia Lacher Medieval Modernism in the Sky: The Chicago Tribune Tower Competition and the Struggle to Define American Modernity in the 1920s
4:25 Emily Kittell-Queller Life at the Boundaries: Veneration and Fear of Beguines in the Medieval Low Countries


Room 150, Science Center – Morning Session
9:00 Yaffa Grossman
Opening Remarks, Department of Biology
9:05 Katharine Wolf Evolution of a Memory-Associated Signaling Pathway Predates the Origin of Multicellular Life
9:30 Brenda K. Plakans Choanoflagellate Ligand-Gated Ion Channels as Pre-metazoan Neurotransmitter Receptors
9:55 Christina Mikulka The Origins of Prion Family Protein Shadoo Predate the Bony Vertebrates
10:20 Break


10:35 Ted Gries Opening Remarks, Department of Chemistry
10:40 Raksha Ashlaysha Probiotics as a Possible Alternative Solution to Pharmaceutical Drugs in Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome
11:05 Sarrah Knause Hepatitis C Infection in a Montana Community
11:30 Valerie Dautermann, Namoonga Mantina Morning Bout of Exercise Resulted in an Increase in Circulating Cortisol Levels
11:55 Taylor Amery Flourishing in Harsh Environments: Plant Responses to Environmental and Microbial Stress Factors


Room 150, Science Center – Afternoon Session
1:05 Greg Buchanan Opening Remarks, Department of Psychology
1:10 Molly Wells Affective Responses to Music as Influenced by a Performance Video
1:35 Jason Busack Utilization of the Mental Health Services of the School District of Beloit
2:00 Caitlin O’Connor When Your Doctor is Your Dealer: The Growing Abuse of Prescription Drugs in the United States
2:25 Kelsey Bartolozzi The Truth Behind That Pretty Face: The Influence of Men and Anxiety on Cosmetic Use
2:50 Break


3:05 Robin Zebrowski Opening Remarks, Cognitive Science
3:10 Helena Tiedmann Tasmanian Forest Policy and the Influence of the Greens Party
3:35 Stephen Prochaska Why Don’t We Donate? Ways to Efficiently Increase the Amount of Charitable Donations
4:00 Marlena Fraune Who can Trust a Machine? Examining Human Loneliness and Avatar Gaze on Measures of Social Trust
4:25 Xueqi Gao, Mary Hendrickson, Max King, K. Brittany Leonard, Peter Siess, Allison Winter Picky Eating: A Class Research Project


South Lounge, WAC (World Affairs Center) – Morning Session
9:00 Joy Beckman Opening Remarks, Wright Museum of Art
9:05 Molly Noyed Transformative Summer: My Experience Being an O’Keeffe Art & Leadership Program for Girls Intern
9:30 Sarah Morgan Living Things: The Cultural Biographies of Objects in the Janesville Art League Collection
9:55 Amelia Tarpey An Exploration of Birth Support: My Experience as a Doula
10:20 Break


10:35 Chuck Lewis Opening Remarks, Department of English
10:40 Lily Philpott "yes I said yes I will Yes.": Molly Bloom as Irish Sovereignty Goddess
11:05 Catherine Jensen James Joyce, Ulysses, and the Irish Tradition: A Critical Examination of Nausicaa
11:30 Elizabeth Saxe Fairy Tale Treats: An Intersection of Food and Story
11:55 Kristina Erickson The Century Old Virgin: Nancy Drew’s Purity, Prudery, and Feminist Proclivities


South Lounge, WAC (World Affairs Center) – Afternoon Session
1:05 Jing Jing Lou Opening Remarks, Department of Education and Youth Studies
1:10 Katherine Finman Evangelicals and the LGBT Community: Loving My Neighbor When My Neighbor Isn’t Like Me
1:35 Palmer Gunderson Reconceptualizing the Relationship Between Fact and Values
2:00 Adrian Perez An Ontological Interpretation of Nietzsche’s Conception of Freedom
2:25 Matthew Ruddle Adult Education in the Public Library
2:50 Break


3:05 Bill New Opening Remarks, Department of Education and Youth Studies
3:10 Kate Parsons Nyerere’s Vision for Education as the Context for the Development of RAIDA High School
3:35 Miranda Cole The Construction of Identity Through Hip-Hop Music: On the Streets and in the Classroom
4:00 to 4:50 Hannah Brusewitz, Erik Carlson, Zoe Heinz, Katie Lentes, Hatheway Rawlinson, Joe Stubbs, Ellen Wanecke Death on the Mexico/U.S. Border: Alternative Spring Break with No More Deaths


Wood Room (Mayer Hall) – Morning Session
9:00 Carol Mankiewicz Opening Remarks, Departments of Biology and Geology
9:05 Eleanor Daniels Death, the Moon and Eels: Leptocephali Rely on the Lunar Cycle for Improved Survival Rates
9:30 Rachel Skoza Metamorphism and Alteration of the Skelton Lake Tuff, Sierra Nevada Mountains
9:55 Helena Tiedmann Examining Solifluction Lobes as a Potential Sediment Source to Arctic Lake Linnévatnet, Spitsbergen, Svalbard
10:20 Break


10:35 Darrah Chavey Opening Remarks, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
10:40 Carrie Ellis The Study of Social Spacing in Gorilla and Chimpanzee Groups at Lincoln Park Zoo
11:05 Jacqueline Goldbach The Impact of Etiological Beliefs on Stigma and Help-seeking
11:30 Alexandra Hinck Identities Across Cultures: Denmark and United States
11:55 Kelsey Bartolozzi, Marlena Fraune, Jonah Stoller That Smells Delicious! - Olfactory Cues in Food Consumption


Wood Room (Mayer Hall) – Afternoon Session
1:05 Patrick Polley Opening Remarks, Department of Physics
1:10 Joseph Lownik Workshop Format Increases Scientific Knowledge, Skills, and Interest when Implemented in an Introductory Biology Course
1:35 Andrea Clark, Logan Jacobson The Franz-Wiedemann Law: Measuring Thermal and Electrical Conductivity
2:00 Soshi Mizutani Numerical Matrix Methods to Find Energy Eigenstates in Otherwise Insolvable Quantum Mechanics Problems
2:25 Joseph Lacap Transverse Flutes in Asia: The Physics of Cultural Tastes
2:50 Break


3:05 Olga Abramkina Opening Remarks, Department of Physics
3:10 Yuguang Chen A Technique for Taking Submillimeter Fluid Surface Profile Measurements as Applied to the Circular Hydraulic Jump: TheoreticalApproach
3:35 Erik Binter An Experimental Technique for Taking Submillimeter Fluid Surface Profile Measurements as Applied to the Circular Hydraulic Jump
4:00 Edward Folk Vitamin C: a Cure for Cancer?
4:25 Gordon Kane, Joseph Lownik Solute Studies on E. coli Alkaline Phosphatase