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Active Hope Spring Break Urban Immersion


... the heart of an activist

... the first stirring of a call to work for justice

... the strength to sustain that passion for the long haul.

March 8 - 12, 2014

A small-group spring break urban immersion in Chicago, sponsored by the Spiritual Life Program and the Campus and Community Outreach Center.  We will

  • travel and live together, sleep on a church basement floor, eat very simple meals, get around on public transportation.  Showers may not be available!
  • split up each morning into pairs or threes and go out to shadow and learn from faith-based activists - working for food justice, workers' rights, nonviolence, anti-racism and more - all over the city.
    • these activists work from a wide variety of religious practices and guiding beliefs (Jewish, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Lutheran, Episcopalian) but Active Hope group members need not identify with any religion or hold any particular set of spiritual beliefs.  All are welcome!
  • come back together each night for dinner and reflection on the day's experiences.

This is not your ordinary "volunteer service trip." Yeah, we may lend a hand a couple times, but our main purpose is to bear witness, to listen, and to explore the kinds of faith and spiritual practices that sustain human beings to work for justice and compassion under trying circumstances and over the long haul.

Cost is $50; scholarships available.

Apply by Monday, February 24th.

Questions?  Email the CCOC ( or  Bill Conover.