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The Buc Report

What’s going on in the world of sports at Beloit? Find out in The Buc Report, a weekly series on the people and programs that comprise Buccaneer Athletics. A full archive of past entries appears below. 

The Buc Report: get yourself to a volleyball game

September 6, 2012 at 6:20 pm

In advance of this weekend’s tournament in Aurora, Ill., Volleyball Coach Dawn Redd (pictured below) talked to the Terrarium about her new team, how this season’s been going, and why you should be going to a match.

Dawn Redd 

Q: What’s your team like this year?
We’re pretty young. Of our 12 players, nine of them are underclassman, so we’re pretty young which is good—the new ones are pretty skilled. They’re able to contribute quickly so they’re adding to the mix really fast.

Q: How have your first few games gone?
We lost our first games, but we use them more as a teaching tool like “what do we need to work on?” It comes at you really fast because we only had a week of practice and then we started playing, so it’s really just to see where we are and what things we need to tweak. Ken Yasukawa, who is my assistant, will say games are just a practice plan. We go out there and say this is what we need to work on in order to get better.

Q: Why should people come out and see a game?
We don’t have tons of home games so we need you to come when we do. This past weekend was our only home game until October. Then a lot of our home games are during fall break so really you’re not going to get a big chance to see us. Hopefully we can get some people to come see us those first two weekends in October because that’s really it unless they’re around over fall break.

How do you feel about this weekend’s tournament?
I feel good. It will be fun. It’ll be our first overnight, which is important for the team to hang out together away from campus and get the team bonding going. It’ll be good to see how we travel because we haven’t had to do that yet.

Anything else you want to add?
Just come out to see us − that’d be awesome. I know the girls would appreciate it.

The volleyball team will be in Aurora, Ill., to play Roosevelt University and Principia College on Friday evening and North Central College and Roosevelt University on Saturday afternoon.

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